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Mampilly Plywood Industries Mampilly Plywood Industries

Marine Plywood

Commercial Plywood

Made under stringent quality norms, this versatile ready to use Plywood is the preferred choice for wood work. It is ideal for use in hot & humid climatic conditions, where there is a lot of moisture in the air. This plywood is made from seasoned hardwood core bonded with phenol formaldehyde resins under computer controlled temperature and pressure. It is fully powder proof, termite and moisture resistant, re-usable and therefore very economical. Our cores are made of continuous sheets with minimal to zero core voids, and faces with no knots. We use fully waterproof (immersion and boiling water tested) WBP phenol glues and hand grade each panel. Each panel features additional plies giving it strong screw and nail holding properties. Our products comfortably meet all major certified standards of water resistance requirements and the tests in boiling water.

The superior bond strength between veneers avoids moisture and dampness. It can be easily replaced for wood because of its higher thickness and appearance as the products undergoes excellent finishing process. It can withstand severe climatic conditions. It passes through various quality measures starting from selection of hardwood timbers, strict control of quality and grade of face veneer and bonded with special quality of WBP grade PF resin. Finally it is treated in a vacuum pressure impregnation plant, using specified borers, insects, fungi and termites.

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